More and more magazine publishers consider moving to a mobile app for their magazines instead of the standard print versions.

The chance is that digital magazines will become more popular among many readers in the future. This tendency is due to the many features that digital magazines offer:

  • Scrollable text
  • Marking of articles
  • Clickable links
  • Live news content
  • Vertical swiping
  • Video content


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A magazine app makes it easy for you as a publisher to understand how your readers deal with your content. That can help you improve your mobile app marketing campaigns.

But first…

How important are mobile magazine apps for publishers?

What are the benefits of mobile apps compared to traditional magazines?

The number of mobile users has already passed the number of desktop users. At present, there are actually around 4.7 billion mobile users around the world.

“Great, but what about the readers who buy and read old-fashioned magazines?”

Good question – But even that trend is slowing down. Do not forget that the normal traffic in digital magazines was already around 1.73 billion visitorsand that was in 2014! !

You can imagine how much bigger it has become.

In addition, according to a 2013 study , approximately 73% of tablet owners often spend their time reading headlines in digital magazines (19% doing this daily).


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So it’s clear that most of your readers have access to one or more mobile devices. You can therefore be assured that your readers would be more connected to your magazine if they also had a magazine app.

Think about it: it’s more efficient for the audience , as they can read your most recent edition or article anywhere without having to take a paper magazine.

There is another aspect that you should think of as a magazine publisher: the cost! You may not realize, but a magazine app will cost you less than a printed edition. That’s because your budget no longer has to be spent:

  • Pressures
  • Binding
  • Transport
  • Distribution
  • Envelopes

It means that you can spread new expenses with a magazine app as soon as they are ready to read. That way, your readers do not have to wait anymore when the magazines are on the mat – they will get instant access immediately upon publication!

You now understand why mobile apps are the best choice. Let’s move to the main focus.

How can a Magazine App provide valuable customer-related insights?

Quite simply, a mobile magazine app gives you access to all kinds of data about your readers. And then we are not talking about everyday analyzes. No, for example, you will get an insight into the exact number of views that each page of your magazine receives.


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Why is that so important? Let’s say so: If you know which pages best match your readers, then you will also know which articles they prefer. This makes it much easier to extract articles that do not interest the readers. You can then replace them with content that they like.

Whatever you look at, it will improve the opinion of the reader about your brand.

And that’s not all. Reader analyzes can also tell you how many percent of your users are loyal readers . What does that mean for you? As a result, you can better structure and segment your mobile app marketing campaign.

Imagine: A mobile magazine app enables you to communicate with your readers on a different level thanks to in-app messages and push notifications. Additionally, you can customize messages for each type of reader (which means you can easily access your most lucrative readers).

Whatever is important, thanks to such info, you will learn what moments readers like to browse your magazine app. As a result, you are able to timely notify your notifications.

Sounds good, but what if I do not have Magazine App?

We are well aware that developing a mobile app for your magazine is the last one you want to keep up with at the moment, you already have enough to do. In addition, developing an app from scratch takes a lot of time, especially if you have no experience in this area.

You also run the risk of neglecting your business because you spend too much time on this project.



Why do not you trust the entire project to professionals? Think about it: Some experienced developers manage the job for you while you’re back and working to increase subscribers.

You do not have to go far to find the right people for the job. That’s because we have Appvilla’s experience when it comes to developing mobile apps, especially for magazine publishers.

In fact, we are the developers behind the largest independent digital magazine kiosk in the Netherlands and Belgium – MagZine . And indeed, we have also worked on designing associated cross-platform compatible apps for MagZine.

But we have more to offer. We can even provide you with high quality maintenance services so you no longer have to worry about your magazine app.

We can assist and advise you, even when you’re already developing an app and need more help.

All you have to do is contact us and talk to us about your requirements. We will issue a quote and, as soon as possible, start your mobile app project as soon as possible.

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